Who do I serve?

Those wanting to make an actual difference in their health, fitness but also confidence, for the long run.


It may be time to move away from those resistance band workouts and cardio machines and to try out those exercises you’ve seen many perform in the gym.

If you are looking to reach your goals in an effortless manner through fun and efficient training plus flexible nutrition, then this is the place or you. 

I also want you to know that 7 years ago I was the girl in the gym worrying what I was doing, but also worrying what I wasn’t doing. After trying many different methods, I have now learnt what works best for not only me but my clients. I now pass on my experiences and expertise to others, so that you don't need to spend the same amount of time as I did finding my feet!

Choose how you would like to work with me..  

Online - Face-to-face

i've got you, Whether your WANT to:

'’All the geaR, NO IDEA

all the idea..’’

Who, and what am I all about?

Hey! Emma here. I’m not going to give you boring A/S/L vibes.. instead, here are some pointers:


- I promise to keep things interesting

  - I don't take myself too seriously

  - I love seeing clients grow in all aspects: health, fitness and confidence.

I love dogs.





 ★ maximize HEALTH

 ★ improve FITNESS

 ★ PERFECT technique